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Fall Art Trends

Changing out your artwork is a wonderful way to bring in the new seasons. Rather than changing out every piece of art within your house, look for one or two places where you will rotate out artwork for fall. Look for places that guests will see and focus on those areas. Avoid adding artwork in places where there won't be high traffic in your home.


Maroon Mustard Yellow Olive Green Terra Cotta

Fall Bedroom

Bringing in fall accents through artwork into your bedroom is a great way to bring in an autumn feel. When decorating a bedroom for fall, you must first pay attention to the colors that are already in the room. Look at the paint color, walls that are white, beige, light grey, or brown are very versatile as they are neutral and pair well with any shade within a fall color palette. If the walls of a bedroom are painted in a brighter or bolder color, you will have to pick a fall painting or picture that compliments the color already on the walls.

Noting the size of a room is also crucial for picking out the perfect fall themed or colored artwork. A large and dominating picture will make a small room feel even smaller, but will ground and warm up large expansive spaces. For bedrooms with less space, consider picking a small grouping of fall themed paintings to evoke the feeling of a larger work that still allows for space and room to breathe. .

The lighting of a room is also an important to consider. Look at both the natural lighting during the day and how the bedroom is lit at night. If your bedroom receives less light, look for pictures that pull more from the golden and orangey tones in the autumn color palette. Light and bright rooms are versatile and allow for a wider range of fall color schemes to be showcased. .

Lastly, choose paintings that will compliment with your bedding, the drapes, as well as your bed frame. If the furniture in your room has a particular shade of wood, you can either match that color or have a little fun by contrasting it with a lighter or darker tone depending.

Fall Kitchen

The kitchen is a fun space to bring in a little nod to fall. Find autumn themed artwork that matches the style of your kitchen. Go for more rustic and harvest inspired pieces for a country themed kitchen. A more modern kitchen would pair nicely with a modern art piece done in the warm hues of fall, or even a retro fall themed poster would do. Try to match the style as best as you can, but don't be afraid to mix and match styles.

Look for artwork that combines food with fall. Seasonal paintings of pumpkins, apples, or warm pies make for a great addition to the kitchen. A country landscape in sweeping fall colors would also do nicely hanging on the walls of a kitchen. Paintings and pictures of cornfields and harvest time are great additions to keep an eye out for. Vintage autumn themed posters are a fun way to add a bit of fall to any space and do nicely in a kitchen.

When picking artwork, pay attention to the color scheme that is already in your space and find pieces that work with it, rather than against it. If you have deep cabinets and flooring, find pieces of art that are going to lighten up the space and bring some dimension to the heaviness of the room. A light or white frame would be a nice accent in a kitchen with black or dark wooden cabinets. For a bright kitchen, consider pulling an accent color and showcasing it within the artwork. Muted frames and neutral mating is a good way to balance more color into an already colorful kitchen.

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Fall Living Room

Bringing fall into the living room adds warmth and a bit of seasonal fun to a family orientated space. Autumn leaves art is perfect for doing just that, as the changing leaves in fall are dotted with the warm colors of fall. Leaf art comes in an array of colors and schemes. Hang them over the couch or mantle to creation a great focal point.

If you have a darker living room, look for autumn leaf artwork that has brighter colors in it. Think oranges, reds, and yellows. Pair them in a neutral frame to really make them pop off of a darkly painted wall. Avoid using too dark of colors, as it will add to the heaviness of an already dark room.

For a lighter room, you are not bound to any color palette. Look for any autumn leaf painting and just pair it with a darker frame to help ground the picture against a lighter wall. You can pull accent colors from your furniture and look for paintings that really showcase that particular shade.

Hanging autumn landscape art in a living room is another great way for bringing in the new season. Landscape artwork is a wonderful way to make a small room feel larger. Try placing a large landscape piece over a mantle piece as an autumn themed focal point. Not only will the horizontal size of the painting help to make a small or dark space feel larger, but the warm color palette from a fall painting will help to warm up any space.

The larger the rooms, the larger the painting can be, so don't be afraid of using oversized frames and larger scaled paintings. For smaller rooms, try finding a series of autumn themed landscape pictures that go together and hang them in a line. You'll evoke the same feel as if it were a continuous piece, but because of the breaks in between each piece it helps a smaller room to feel less cramped and the warm fall colors will help to add some light as well.

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