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Bright and Light Art

Expand Small Rooms

Small Bedrooms

Having a small bedroom doesn't mean that it has to feel cramped and uncomfortable. Using art in your decor can make a world of difference in the size and appearance of a bedroom. Try decorating in lighter, neutral colors and choose a landscape or neutral colored piece to make it feel even larger and welcoming. Art is the perfect way to get color into a smaller bedroom without overpowering the space. Be sure to find the right size piece. Art that is too large in a small bedroom will look out of place and the room will seem imbalanced. Since most of the room should be done in lighter colors, try getting your piece framed in a dark colored frame to really draw attention to it on a light colored wall.

Suggested Framed Art
Beach in Maui, Hawaii, at sunset
San Cristobol Horses
Beach of Half Moon Bay, Turks and Caicos
Old White Barn and Blue Sky
Wild Horses I
New York City II
Golf Harbor Boats I
Waterlilies, 1916-19
Seaside Morning no Window
Neutral Abstract Floral I
Early Fall Flowers I

Small Kitchens

If your small kitchen is not feeling warm and cozy try adding a nice piece of minimalist art or a piece where the artist has used light colors to bring the canvas to life. In most any kitchen you are going to have at least one wall that is available for some great art work to open up the room and make it feel large. If you have the option try painting the wall a light color; it doesn't have to be white, you can still show your style with color. The light colored wall will open up the room and a nice piece of minimalist art or a piece with colors that compliment the wall color will stand out and give the illusion of more space.

Expand small rooms art

Expand Bathrooms

Being in a small bathroom can feel cramped and uncomfortable. If you have a small guest bathroom you want to do something that will make it feel larger and more comfortable for your guests. First, avoid painting the walls dark colors and stay with light pastel or neutral tone. Try opting for vertical pieces to add more height to the room. Look for towels to accent the art and make the art the focal point and the lead point for the color in the room. Avoid putting too much in the bathroom as it will appear cluttered and more cramped. All you need is a great piece of art, a hand towel on a towel ring, and a small hand soap dispenser.

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