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Framed Chance Meeting

The Chance Meeting decorating idea brings the glory of nature into your home or office with a collection of stunning images that explore the unmistakable bond between humanity and the animal kingdom. The magic of the moment brings a range of emotion, from chills to warm fuzzies. Eye contact is fleeting, but time stands still as we peer, ever so briefly, into the windows of each other's soul. Chance meetings are a pause to give thought, and a unique way to decorate an office, den, or dining room.

Chance Meeting Art Decor

Snowy Scenes

A chance meeting with wildlife in the still of a winter's day brings vibrancy to a living room or dining room with a grayscale palette. Snowy scenes are perfect for holiday decorating, from Thanksgiving through the New Year, with a cast that includes owls, foxes, and wolves. Choosing the perfect mat and frame is a snap with our online configurator that's packed with silver and black frame options.

Chance Meeting Art
Mountain Ranger
Buck and Doe Early Rut
Cautious Crossing - Whitetails
Three Racoons
Berry Patch
Whitethroated Sparrow
Curious Cub I
Fierce Grace
Deer Nibble

Awesome Antlers

Stumbling upon a majestic moose or wily whitetail deer in the wild can make your day. How many bucks does it take to liven up the walls in your den, living room, or man cave? Our collection of moose, deer, and elk prints covers all the seasons, in a lovely range of hues. Adverse to antlers? Adorable fawns are ideal for nurseries, children's' bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Chance Meeting Art Decor

Soaring Vistas

Your office walls become portals to an airborne world when you choose paintings or photographs of America's winged wonders in action. Bald Eagles lend a patriotic air, while egrets in flight summon the calm of quiet tributaries. The importance of the time of day cannot be overstated, with the light at dawn or dusk adding drama and depth. Nothing inspires deep thought like a noble bird in flight.

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