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Framed Casual Chic Cali

The Casual Chic Cali decorating idea is a fun, relaxed and beach inspired style that will create a soothing vibe for you to enjoy in your quiet times at home. With neutral earth tones, blues, teals and greens, you will feel as though you are in an oasis, or maybe a trendy beachside hotel. From there, the touches that make this west coast style fun and unique are added. It's not just your everyday beach decor - there are accents of black and gold to glam up the look and give it a California look and feel that you can't find anywhere else.

Casual Chic Cali Art Decor

To the Beach

Beach art with a Casual Chic Cali feel is fun and refreshing but with sophisticated touches that you don't see in your everyday beach house. Using art in shades of blue and green, you can add color to walls of a neutral shade and create a focal point in the dining room or bedroom. Adding accent pieces like blue dining chairs or brightly colored bed throws is another way to tie the room together and create a cohesive look. Whether it be in your private space or a room for entertaining friends and family, these colors are casual and fun but create a chic overall feel that showcases your personal style.

Casual Chic Cali Art
California Surfing
Sunset Beach
Gold Sand and Ocean
Sunset Surf Panel
Coastal Blues No. 1
Surf Bus Pink
Gold Coral I
Oyster Two
Watercolor Pattern III

Glam Gold

If you have a beach house or beach themed room that you want to make stand out from the rest, using gold as an accent color is the perfect way to do that. If you're starting with walls and other decor that are bright and colorful, gold art with white mats and black frames are great for adding a new dimension to the color profile and for adding a bit of glam to your blue and beachy style. In a room that's more neutral and relaxing, a world map, nautical artwork or other traditional styles in wide gold frames will stand out and add sophistication. You can add other gold accents to the room to complement your artwork as well - nautical themed knick-knacks, pillows with gold trim or a large gold bowl as a centerpiece on your table are all ways that you can bring the look together.

Casual Chic Cali Art Decor

Pattern Play

Decorating with pattern art is a fun and popular way to add a lot of color and interesting design to your walls. Creating a collage that mixes pattern art with other subject matter is fun and allows you to showcase many of your favorite colors and patterns in one place. Over a bed, a combination of different patterns and palm trees will add to a relaxing California vibe that will help you drift off to sleep in a little bit of paradise. In a sitting area, reading nook or other small space, adding multiple pieces of smaller artwork can give the illusion of space and allow you to showcase many of your favorite pieces when wall space is limited. Various shades of blue, green and yellow are cohesive yet contrasting to each other and create an interesting focal point, while accents of black or gold will stand out and create points of interest that really catch your attention.

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