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Framed Breathtaking Views

Have you ever been on vacation and wished that you could capture a view that has taken your breath away? Art from our Breathtaking Views collection allows you to include stunning vistas of memorable places and wonders of nature in your home's decor and workplace. The beautiful panoramic landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes help bring the outdoors in to create a focal point in a room. Photography, which only recently has been acknowledged to be an art form, is instrumental in capturing some of the most amazing images through the lens. There are pictures from around the world of spectacular sunsets, dreamy shorelines, majestic mountains, vibrant cities with gorgeous architecture and much more.

If your room already has a wall of windows with a great natural view, you can add artwork with the same theme to provide continuity or, alternatively, add contrasting art for a varied look. For rooms that have little or no views, adding oversized scenic art will create the illusion of a view and bring interest to a room.

Breathtaking Views Art Decor

Breathtaking Bedrooms

A bedroom overlooking a tropical beach is the perfect place to hang a large framed photographic print of waves crashing onto a sandy beach, on the wall above the bed. Choosing a light natural wood frame creates a look that echoes the outdoor theme of water and sand. All these elements help to immerse the space into its natural surroundings.

In a monochromatic modern bedroom, adding a panoramic black and white print of a cityscape that is framed in black, with a white mat, helps to break up the starkness of the neutral walls, yet maintains the color theme of the room. Your eye is instantly drawn to the artwork which gives the illusion of living in a downtown skyscraper.

Hanging a canvas print of a Pacific Northwest landscape, with snowcapped mountains, in a bedroom situated in a hot desert like setting creates a cooling effect and provides contrast to the outside terrain and vegetation.

Finished Breathtaking Views Art
Lakescape I
Beach in Maui, Hawaii, at sunset
Window to the Heavens
Hyper Color
A Beautiful Seascape
Montana Sunrise
New York at Night
Alberta, Banff National Park, Moraine Lake At Sunrise
Crest II
The first photograph taken by humans of Earthrise during Apollo 8.
Reflection of snow covered mountains on water, Mt McKinley, Wonder Lake, Denali National Park, Alaska, USA

Breathtaking Offices

An office, whether at home or at work, is the ideal place to incorporate art with breathtaking views. What better way to relax and take a break from your computer screen or notes than to stare, for a few minutes, at a gorgeous setting or place. Your mind will be instantly transported and you can let your dreams take over for a fleeting moment.

A modern high rise office in a busy city can benefit from artwork that is tranquil and serene. Adding a framed scenic print of a lake surrounded by mountains and pine forests creates a peaceful refuge. Warm up those cold winter days with a simple but soothing framed print of blue skies over ocean waters that remind you of a Caribbean cruise.

Breathtaking Living Spaces

Let's not forget skyscapes that can be dramatic and beautiful. They are nature's version of abstract art. Clouds provide form and filter the sun to create gorgeous color tones and shades. From stormy skies with darker hues to spectacular sunrises and sunsets, framed skyscape art pieces work well in a contemporary living room or modern dining room.

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