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Light and Spacious Art

Adding Space and Light

Light and Airy Bedrooms

It can be difficult to wake up and feel motivated in a small dark bedroom. If you have bought brighter bed coverings and pillows, but still feel that something is missing; the answer is the right piece of art. Look around the room and take in the colors and the theme of the room before you start your search for that perfect piece. Decide where in the room you think a piece of art would look the best, like above the dresser or bed or perhaps you have a bare wall that needs some life. Also take into consideration what size piece you need because you want it to be the right fit and look balanced in the room. Look for something with light colors that can improve the bright spacious feel.

Suggested Framed Art
Floral Neutrals 1
Bright Woods Horizontal
Chemin Dans Les Bles A Pourville
Blue Ford at Barn
Good Day (Light)
Sailboats at Sunrise
Natures Leaves III No Gold
Chinoiserie Plants Bright
Baie Mediterraneenne I
Fence with Flowers
Above the Beach
New York New York Skyline 2

Light Living Rooms

If you have decorated you dining room with dark furniture and painted the walls a dark color, your dining room may not feel inviting. You might want to consider a great piece of art to lighten it up! If you are like most people your dining furniture is rather heavy or is ornate in design so try choosing something that is more simplistic when it comes to art. Abstracts with great fall colors can and should add warmth to the room. Even landscapes can work well in a dining room or floral painting with colors that accentuate your furniture and table settings. If you don't have a very large wall you should consider purchasing a series of smaller pictures that will help open the space.

Light and Spacious Art

Expand Bathrooms

Walking into a tiny half bath or a small bathroom can give you the feeling of confinement and that isn't a feeling that you want to convey in a bathroom. Try choosing some smaller pieces of art that will work on the wall without taking over the room and making it feel smaller. You should opt for pieces that have warm neutral colors and possibly pastels to keep it bright and roomy. Another good option is to have them framed in light colors or add a white mat. This will really add charm, brightness, and space to a small bathroom. Using towels and soaps that contrast with the artwork will also bring more light and space to the room without making it feel cluttered and cramped.

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