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Dean Russo Limited Edition Canvas Artwork

Dean Russo Limited Edition Canvas Art

Our limited edition Dean Russo art is as unique as Dean Russo himself! Part of a 25 piece exclusive series, each limited edition artist proof has been hand-embellished individually by Dean Russo.

Signed & Numbered Canvas Art

Price: $275

Hand-Embellished Artist Proofs

Price: $499
"Beware of Pitbulls" Artist Proofs

About Dean Russo

Dean Russo combines his love for the urban lifestyle with his love for animals in his unique and vibrant artwork. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Dean Russo's vivid and colorful animal portraits are as interesting and inspiring as the animals themselves.

Using a minimum of 10 different mediums in each unique piece of artwork, Dean Russo's paintings have included charcoal, sharpies, graphite, collage, pastels, wax, pencils, spray cans, liquid acrylics, mixed media and more! Preferring to work on canvas, Russo combines these various mediums to creates swirling colors and shapes that come together to create a brilliant, bright image.

What's most striking about Dean Russo's art though is his ability to truly capture the individualistic expressions of cats and dogs. As major advocate against animal abuse and cruelty, Russo is inspired by lost and abandoned and finds comfort in showing animals' inner beauty. Perfect for dog, cat and animal loves, Dean Russo's eccentric art can add color and style to your space while also celebrating animal life.

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