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Framed Diana Art

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Framed Pompei-Diana50% Off Art Prints
16" x 20" Frame
Price: $187.99 
Sale: $75.20
Framed Sons of Niobe Being Slain by Apollo and Diana
Sons of Niobe Being Slain by Apollo and Diana
by Jan de Bisschop
30" x 20" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $293.99 
Sale: $146.99
Framed Diana and Callisto
Diana and Callisto
by Peter Paul Rubens
28" x 20" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $256.99 
Sale: $128.49
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3 Items

Framed Diana Posters

Diana is the Roman goddess of hunt and birth that was worshipped in ancient Roman religion. One of her main characteristics was her virginity, as she swore never to marry together with other goddesses, Minerva and Vesta. The godlike impressions of Diana were presented through her relations with light, virginity and her wish to live in mountains and woods. She was not interested in mortals and politics, but was engaged in the mission to protect childbirth and to help mankind through protecting and creating a new life. If you want your home to vibrate with the energy of a vigorous goddess that is always ready to hunt and to bring light and security to a place that needs it, be sure that framed Diana art posters are the right decoration for your home.
Diana was prayed to by women that wanted to get pregnant or to easily give birth. A lot of archaeological statues were found in temples related to her, so that proved that she was often seen as a goddess to be looked to in relation to childbirth. She was worshiped as a protector of lower class citizens and slaves. Slaves could often find refuge in her temples. In artistic statues, she is represented in a short tunic while wearing hunting boots and carrying a bow with her. In visual art, she is presented as a young and beautiful goddess, with a stance of confidence and readiness. Her popularity in paintings was a huge one and she was the inspiration of old famous painters like Titian and Peter Paul Rubens.
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Birth of Venus
by Sandro Botticelli
28" x 20"
Price: $257.99
Sale: $128.99
Framed Circe Invidiosa, c.1892
Circe Invidiosa, c.1892
by John William Waterhouse
25" x 44"
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Framed 1863 Alexandre Cabanel - The Birth of Venus
1863 Alexandre Cabanel - The Birth of Venus
21" x 15"
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Framed Minerva or Pallas Athena
Minerva or Pallas Athena
by Gustav Klimt
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