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Serenity Blue & Rose Quartz Art

About Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue

Rose quartz is not the stone of love, but it is also a popular color in decorating. It is fair and lovely in its light shades giving relaxing feel to the space it decorates. This light pink color is a shade that is good for many decorating themes and is suitable for many rooms. Popular rooms to decorate with Rose Quartz include girls bed rooms, bath rooms and spaces that need a serene feel. A complimenting color to include when decorating with this color would be a deep rich wood such as cherry. Choosing this color frame for a Rose Quartz piece will compliment it without being too bold. For a softer feel, white frames and accents can be used to compliment the piece as well.

Serenity blue is a rich and deep color that can help you relax and bring a calm state of mind. The color exudes relaxation in the space that it is hung in. Colors that go well with serenity blue are light colors like rose quarts, light oranges and purples. You can also match it with a deep gray, brown, or black color to make it more bold. Choosing to include white or light sliver colors with serenity blue compliments the color and also makes it pop. Some frame finishes that are not as popular for serenity blue art deep wood tones. The clash of colors when choosing these frames are not complimenting and may distract from the art work. Good rooms for this color are nursery rooms and bathrooms.

Complimentary Colors

Complimentary Colors
Framed Rose Quartz Art
Blooming Pink Whispers I
Pastel Paris II
Pink Butterfly V
Textured Sentiment Landscape I
Fashion Forward Blush
The Garden Bubbles II
Pink Flower Bunch I
Conch Shell Blush II
Vintage Bath VI Fleur Pink
Peony V
Dazzling Diva Light Crop
Pink Glitter II

Rose Quartz Walls

Decorating those rose quartz walls with serenity blue is fun and bright. In a bathroom, bath related images like "Bath I" from Amy Melious would make perfect decor. Framed art prints like these compliment small bathrooms and powder rooms. When finished in a matte black frame you will be able to accent the room with quaint charm and rustic tones, all while still maintaining the rose quartz theme.

Once you've found the perfect piece to decorate your space, the next important step is finding a finish. Here at FramedArt.com we continuously strive to give our customers top quality custom frames. We are sure that the frame finish you choose for your serenity blue artwork will not only have a frame that perfectly fits it, but a frame that makes the piece stay in good condition for a long time.

Framed Serenity Blue Art
Coastal View II Aqua
Fresh Blue Bower II
Boho Monstera
Tile Stencil II Blue
Ballerina Jump
Boats in the Haze
Freshly Picked Delphinium III
Abstract  65
Blue Hydrangea IV Crop
Sea Life Coral II
Blue Love
Beach I
Serenity Blue Walls

Decorating your serenity blue walls can be tricky since not many colors compliment it. Rose quartz is a popular compliment for serenity blue walls. When choosing a piece for the bath room, you can match the "Bath I" mentioned above with "Shell Geo I Mini" from Drako Fontaine, it can accent the wall in a contrasting color, but still keeping with the overall theme of the room.

If you are going with a serenity blue theme in your baby's room, you can choose great pieces that will not only decorate the room, but also bing education.

When you find that right piece to decorate your space, you will be able to add your own style and touch of class by choosing you favorite custom finish. Decoating with this color trend is a good way to keep up with new and popular colors and also keep your decor light and relaxing.

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