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2015 Marsala Art

About Marsala Art

Named by Pantone as the color of 2015, marsala art is a red-brown color. Experts are finding that this sophisticated and almost earthy color is catching the eye of both men and women. The absolute beauty and versatility of marsala is never-ending as it is so great against many different colors. It has made its way into the mainstream of art, furnishings, clothing, makeup, and a plethora of other areas. The color is warm and full-bodied, which satisfies the eye like an excellent meal satisfies the belly. It is a natural earthy color that will bring a bit of texture and sophistication to any room while making it feel warm to those that enter.

Adding marsala to a room can either add to the warmth of the room or give it a pop of color. This is not a bashful blend into the room type of color; this is the color of the year. Marsala is not just a trend and it is going to demand attention wherever used.

Complimentary Colors

Complimentary Colors

Room Ideas

Don't be shy about using marsala art in your home; it's hot and it will definitely make a statement to your guests. It is versatile enough that it will work in just about any room in the house. As you look for marsala art for your home, look for the right types of art to accent your home. Marsala works best to accent modern, traditional, abstract, or minimalist styles. The right piece of art can finish off a room and give it just the feel you are looking for and that holds true with the color marsala. Many interior decorators are suggesting marsala to their clients for all rooms of the home.

Marsala Bedroom

Using marsala flower art in your bedroom can add an elegant and seductive look to the room. Being the color of a fine wine can give the feel of romance too. Flowers also add a feeling of warmth and happiness. When it is time to choose your artwork you need to decide on a size that will work in your bedroom. If you have a large room with big blank walls, you do not want to select a small picture. The same goes if you have a small room; don't order a large picture that will look completely out of place. If you do have a large room and like smaller pictures try looking for a series of marsala flowered art.

A marsala painted room with white accents is a great look that has a lot of flair. When you combine that with some off-white bedding and touches of grey; like a throw rug it adds an elegant, yet modern look. For a bit more color try adding some tan pillows and natural wood lamps and frame for your artwork. This stays within the realms of natural colors. If you go with an abstract floral marsala picture you can add a few other choices of color through the painting. Try hanging your picture above the bed to make it the main focal point in the room. If you have another wall that is bare try selecting some smaller series. Small series will complement the large painting above the bed. Marsala is versatile so experiment with different options and have fun with it.

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Marsala Kitchen

The kitchen is one room in a home that you want to feel warm and welcoming. Choosing marsala colored art can definitely make your country kitchen feel that way. When looking for that piece that is going to work well in your kitchen, remember that marsala will stand out against bland colors. Marsala stands out the most in a kitchen finished with white wood cabinets, light wood counter tops and a dark wood grained floor. A country setting is always good for making the kitchen feel open and warm.

Also keep in mind food, country landscapes, and word art that talks about family with a country theme. A lot of country artists bring their own style when using marsala in paintings. Roosters have been popular with artists for many years. Marsala rooster prints work well in country kitchen themes. There are also many pieces of marsala kitchen art which include restaurants, wines, and Tuscany cafes. They bring a finished look without being to overpowering. When you decide on a piece of marsala country art, be certain that it goes with the whole kitchen. This includes any furniture you may have, chair cushions, or place mats. Matching your marsala art to the furniture can give the room more appeal.

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Marsala Bathroom

Trying to find the right combinations for a large bathroom can be a little tricky if you are not familiar with decorating. Marsala colored art compliments large bathrooms, especially when the walls are tan, off-white, light grey, or beige. This earthy wine color makes a great accent with neutral walls and gives you that perfect splash of color. If your bathroom is large, you can also look to having several small marsala pictures. Either a series or collection of images that relate compliment smaller bathrooms. When you begin your search for the perfect piece, you may want to look to artists like "The Flirt" by Jerry Micheal. Sassy and elegant pieces that feature Marilyn Monroe or other fashion icons will also add elegance.

If you have a small bathroom, you can still make it more inviting with marsala artwork. For smaller bathrooms, you want to lean towards smaller pieces. A great choice for the bathroom is fashion art that uses the marsala color. This deep, rich, red-brown color will be just enough for a small bathroom. If you have a small bathroom you should choose light colored over dark colored walls to make it feel larger. Marsala is going to be the perfect contrast with the off-white walls. Some pieces suitable for a small bathroom include "Perfume" by Gregory Gorham, "Corsets I mini" by Kimberly Poloson or "Cosmetique II" by Emily Adams. You can also add a bath mat or shower curtain that is the color of a complementary color that will help to bring out the marsala color in the art.

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