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2017 Greenery Art

About Greenery Art

Craving the freshness of the outdoors while confined to an office? The shade Greenery is your solution to infuse your indoor space with the essence of nature. This vibrant green hue is designed to invigorate and inspire, transforming your environment into a lively and refreshing sanctuary. This bright green, with undertones of a fresh yellow will help you to create an oasis that allows your mind to escape to your favorite outdoor getaway from the comfort of your home or office. When life gets busy and you miss having the time to explore the outdoors, read under a tree or take a stroll through the woods with a good friend, decorating with Greenery offers you a way to evoke some of those same day dreamy feelings inside as you live your busy life.

Complementary Colors

Framed Simply Blessed Succulent Wreath
Simply Blessed Succulent Wreath
18" x 18"
Price: $168.99
Sale: $151.99

Greenery is an inviting shade that will welcome others into your home when used in the entryway, hallway or seating area. In an area that is black and white with minimalist decor, an abstract or modern image that features this unique shade of green will create an interesting focal point and conversation piece. Gold accents finish this look and add a feeling of luxury to the space.

In a small seating area of pastel colors, consider adding an image of fresh growing grass, an open field or other wonders of nature that grows in a glorious green. This combination of light and bright will draw eyes to the featured artwork in your room and inspire creativity and relaxation for all that enjoy the space. Pink is a great color choice to pair with Greenery, but pastel purple, blue and gray are also excellent choices for pulling off this sophisticated look.

Living Room

As the color of the year, Greenery offers many options for creating an indoor space that you can enjoy year-round, even in the winter months when it is not so green outside. A bold green couch or chair will add a focal point to the furniture in your room, while walls, rugs and other accents in more neutral shades will help to keep your space feeling natural and balanced. And a room with wall decor and other accents in this beautiful shade of green lends itself perfectly to floor plants, large palm fronds, small succulents in decorative vases and any other plants that you enjoy. Decorating with live plants in your home and office has proven health benefits as well. Live plants make your air cleaner and easier to breath and help to keep your mind focused and productive, especially in colder months. This makes now the perfect time to transform your room into a colorful space that will also help you to feel your best.


Greenery is a versatile color that can be used in other rooms of the home as well. In a dining room that is elegant in neutral shades of white, cream and beige, a piece of wall art in bright Greenery makes the perfect addition. And the yellow undertones makes it a complementary color to tables, hutches and other decor pieces with accents in gold. Kitchens can also benefit from a touch of Greenery using images of apples, peas and other produce. Our Contemporary Country and Country Kitchen categories are a great place to look for kitchen and dining room decorating inspiration.

In a kid's room or family room, Greenery adds a bright pop of color that everyone can enjoy. For a traditional boy's room done in blue, Greenery wall art, pillows and accessories can make the space new again without changing the wall color. And Greenery goes great with pink! In a traditional girl's room, adding a fuzzy green rug, curtains or plants will add a fun touch of color for your favorite girl as well. In the family room, adding Greenery wall art, bean bag chairs and other decor will make the space a fun and colorful room that the entire family can enjoy together.

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