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Celery Green Art

About Celery Green Art

Opt for celery green to elevate your decor with a mature and refreshing palette, providing a sophisticated alternative to traditional neutrals. This hue, with its yellow undertones, brings the tranquility of a dewy spring morning or the fresh bloom of floral leaves indoors. Celery green's versatility makes it an excellent choice for unifying spaces within an open floor plan, adding a serene and cooling touch to any room, and infusing your home with a calm, peaceful ambiance.

Enhance celery green walls with accent colors like light brown, pink, purple, and coral to inject vibrancy and personality into your decor. For a subtle, sophisticated ambiance, incorporate wall art in shades of light brown, gray, and cream. Earthy Chic artwork harmonizes beautifully with celery green, offering a stylish complement for a refined and inviting space.

Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors

Room Ideas

If you want to decorate with this unique shade of green and don't know exactly where to start, it may be best to choose the piece of celery green art that you like best and go from there. If the art has green and cream as the primary colors, walls of light brown are generally a good choice. If the artwork is celery green with coral accents, you might choose cream colored walls and expand on the coral and green with throw pillows, coasters and other smaller decorative items that will complement your room without being overwhelming.

When decorating in a family room or common area in the home, one might choose an inspirational wall art print such as "Love of Two Hearts" by Marla Rae to hang on a celery green wall. This combination of a welcoming wall color and comforting artwork help to create the perfect space for gathering and enjoying time with family and friends.

If decorating in a home office "Solitude" by David Lorenz Winston is a piece that will add to the feeling of serenity in your room and complement the relaxing atmosphere that you've created with your green walls. The peaceful space that this combination creates is sure to help you focus on the task at hand and make a day spent in your home office a pleasant one.

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Celery Green Kitchen

Celery green art can be used in kitchens of many colors and styles. In a white kitchen with a clean, classic, artwork with celery green accents is a creative way to add touches of subtle color. Images of herbs are a popular decorative choice for this kitchen style and framed art like the "Aromatique" series by Lisa Audit add a hint of green in the kitchen while maintaining the light color palette and clean look. Add silver canisters of potted live herbs to complete this fun and functional kitchen look for a room in which you can enjoy the greenery year round.

In a kitchen of mostly black and white, you might not think of using celery green but it's actually a unique and excellent design choice. The "Olive Oil" series by Megan Duncanson is a great example of artwork that will help to complete this modern kitchen look. The artwork is contemporary in style and works well with a white mat and in a black frame. With the frame being the same colors as the other elements of your kitchen, this allows for the touches of color in your artwork to demand all of the attention. Decorating with celery green in your black and white kitchen is a colorful and appetizing combination that's sure to keep your guests coming back for more!

In a kitchen with colored walls, celery green wall art in a black or dark brown frame is an excellent decorating choice that's sure to make your space stand out. When your walls are already bright and bold, this subtle shade of green, which can also be used as a neutral shade when decorating, makes your artwork fit into the room perfectly without being over the top. Use one larger piece or several smaller ones in a wall collage to add just the right amount of celery green to your kitchen wall.

Celery Green Bedroom

Celery green in the bedroom creates a relaxing space in which you can unwind at the end of your day. You can use this delicate, yet interesting shade of green, to accent a natural bedroom of white and beige. Adding live plants to the room in decorative pots with an earthy feel will make your room feel like a true oasis to which you can retreat and relax.

If you prefer abstract art and a more modern feel in your bedroom, the "Fields In Spring" series by Charles McMullen is an excellent choice for your walls. These prints combine shades of celery green, light blue, beige and brown to create abstract art in cool colors that create a sense of serenity and a contemporary beach house feel. Keeping the rest of the room white - from walls to linens, ensures that the artwork is the focal point in the room without the color becoming too overpowering.

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