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Framed Really Oversized Art (over 60 inches)

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Framed Panoramic view of the Plains of Meridiani on the Planet Mars
Panoramic view of the Plains of Meridiani on the Planet Mars
by Stocktrek Images
70" x 12" Print
Price: $103.99 
Sale: $51.99
Framed Virtuoso
by Rex Ray
16" x 64" Frame
Price: $915.99 
Sale: $457.99
Framed Hubbard Glacier
Hubbard Glacier
by Robert Gendler/Stocktrek Images
68" x 16" Frame
Price: $923.99 
Sale: $461.99
Framed Garden Spots
Garden Spots
by John Lindley
63" x 23" Frame
Price: $975.99 
Sale: $487.99
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4 Items

Framed Really Oversized over 65 inches Prints

A framed oversized art needs to be carefully selected so as not to steal the focus of a room or look unbalanced or out of place. If one is to pick a piece with large dimensions, such as a really oversized artwork in length or width, one needs the confidence to place it correctly, using correct decor, furnishings and colors within the room to complement the piece. One way of doing this is to use abstract art. This ensures that the viewer’s eyes are not confused or overwhelmed by the sheer about of things going on in the picture. Choosing a piece of framed art over 60 inches, however, still needs to take into consideration the main aspects of design – which colors match the mood of the room? What impression am I trying to create? Carefully selected pieces, with a limited use of color and bold, striking designs, give the room the correct ambiance without imposing on the viewer. Examples of this include Blossom DNA by Franka Palek and Juncture by Tom Reeves.
However, if you choose to look at the other end of the scale, you may wish to use oversized photography to enlighten. The Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci is arguably one of the most famous images in art history, and its use is still as relevant today as it was when first made in the 15th century. Other pieces of art, which can double as diagrams, instructions, or educational pieces include maps, be they local, worldwide, historical or modern.

Whatever your choice, concentrate first on the positioning of the picture. Framed oversized art is there to make a statement – not to blend into the background.
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Framed Laundry Day Bluebirds
Laundry Day Bluebirds
by Jai Johnson
27" x 23"
Price: $281.99
Sale: $140.99
Framed Laundry
by Mindy Sommers
28" x 33"
Price: $383.99
Sale: $191.99
Framed Open Arms Gold
Open Arms Gold
by Avery Tillmon
25" x 25"
Price: $291.99
Sale: $145.99
Framed Augusta on the 12th hole
Augusta on the 12th hole
by Charles White
31" x 25"
Price: $320.99
Sale: $160.49
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