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Framed 18 x 24 Posters

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Framed At the Tee
At the Tee
by Roya Azim
25" x 30" Frame
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Price: $294.99 
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Framed 18 x 24 Prints

Whether one is looking for artwork for the lounge, kitchen or office, one of the most versatile pieces is the framed 18 x 24 posters. This can take the form of a modern advertisement (think Black Dog Doughnuts by Ken Bailey), a colourful abstract (such as Kathryn Fortson’s Festivities IV) or a moody black and white photograph (in the style of Eric Kamp’s Garden Walkway, perhaps).

The art of poster design is almost synonymous with advertising campaigns. These sprang up in the streets of Paris in the late 19th century due to the success of Cheret’s three-stone lithographic process. This allowed a much wider range and much more intense use of colours, which went hand-in-hand with the use of striking text to create beautiful, and successful adverts. The most famous of these include Art Nouveau designs such as Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen’s 1896 design for the Parisian cafe, Le Chat Noir. Reproductions of such adverts can be easily obtained as framed 18 x 24 wall posters or whichever size suits your needs best.
Framed 18 x 24 posters don’t have to rely on the media of advertisements. There are many who prefer a subtler look. Beautiful landscapes such as Lois Gold’s Wild Flowers can bring a delicate balance of colour and tranquillity to a room. Artwork such as this can be used as a highlight to a room rather than the main focus. Indeed, Lois Gold’s work has been described a ‘mystical’ – a far cry from the upfront commercials of the later 19th and early 20th century.

Whatever the requirement, framed posters are a much more cost-effective way of bringing art to the home or office. They also allow you to have your favourite piece on your wall, regardless of the artist or time period. Is there an easier way for you to portray your love of Renaissance frescos, medieval tapestries or even ancient Roman graffiti?
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