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Framed 16 x 20 Prints

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Framed Snowman I
Snowman I
by John Zaccheo
19" x 22" Frame
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Price: $142.19 
Framed Sweet Martini
Sweet Martini
by Mark Pulliam
23" x 26" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $219.59 
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2 Items

Framed 16 x 20 Posters

When first thinking about Framed 16 x 20 Posters, it’s difficult to get away from the image of a youngster’s retreat – endless grubby pictures torn from teen magazines – singers, actors, heart throbs. But posters and prints can provide a much wider range of images, suitable for every home. The style and design of the poster is almost limitless – a reproduction of a theatre promotion; a classy black and white photograph; a print of a classic oil painting. Almost any image can be used as a poster.

Posters first gained popularity in the 19th century when they revolutionised the advertising world. They were used to promote political parties, to advertise theatrical productions and to recruit people to the forces. Household names such as Henry Toulouse-Latrec are known for their Framed 16 x 20 Poster designs (for example, Moulin Rouge) as well as for their more traditional artwork.
Large framed 16 x 20 Wall Posters became more and more widespread as the 20th century moved on. Improvements in typography and reprints made it easier to design and distribute this artwork. One of the most enduring images of the early 20th century is the Uncle Sam poster from 1917.

The size of the print can have a drastic effect on the overall look of the finished product. By nature, posters are normally large and eye-catching. Choosing a large image, allows you to be bold and brash with your creativity. Some ideal examples of attention-grabbing designs include Shari Warren’s Hold Em and Bull Market by Will Bullas.
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Framed Laundry Day Bluebirds
Laundry Day Bluebirds
by Jai Johnson
27" x 23"
Price: $247.99
Sale: $223.19
Framed Santa
by Jason Bullard
19" x 22"
Price: $156.99
Sale: $141.29
Framed Open Arms Gold
Open Arms Gold
by Avery Tillmon
25" x 25"
Price: $256.99
Sale: $231.29
Framed Laundry
by Mindy Sommers
28" x 33"
Price: $352.99
Sale: $317.69
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