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Dogs Playing Poker

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2 Items
Framed Bluff
by Lucia Heffernan
25" x 19" Frame
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Price: $233.99 
Sale: $116.99
Framed Dogs Going to Hell
Dogs Going to Hell
by Barry Kite
25" x 20" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $239.99 
Sale: $119.99
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2 Items

Dogs Playing Poker Painting

Pictures of dogs playing poker have been a staple in poker rooms or game rooms for years. The original series of Dogs Playing Poker oil on canvas paintings are by the artist Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. With a robust set of images in the original series including the timeless classic Friend in Need (1903), reproductions of Coolidge's original works are a great way to decorate a classically styled poker room on a budget. In a gold frame, these images will look more traditional and complement a richly decorated décor. In black frames, they have a more contemporary feel.

Several other artists have also joined the party when it comes to painting dogs playing poker, so if you’re looking for something original or slightly different in style, you might choose artwork from another more contemporary artist as well.
Dogs have long been a favorite subject for artwork in various styles. They indeed are man’s best friend, and many artists have captured their loving personalities in art. These Dogs Playing Poker painting reproductions take the idea of a dog’s character to the next level by giving them human-like characteristics – namely the ability to play poker! Additional human features like clothing, hats, canes, and cigars make them all the more lovable and unique. If you’re looking for artwork that is sure to create a conversation piece in your poker or game room, you really can’t go wrong with these poker playing pups.
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