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Framed Jack Russell Art

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13 Items
Framed Order of the Bath
Order of the Bath
by Charles Burton Barber
16" x 20" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $196.99 
Sale: $98.49
Framed Feisty Jack Russell
Feisty Jack Russell
by Angela Bond
19" x 22" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $217.99 
Sale: $108.99
Framed Domino and Daisy
Domino and Daisy
by Amanda Jones
14" x 16" Frame
Price: $163.99 
Sale: $81.99
Framed Jumpin' Jacks
Jumpin' Jacks
by Karen Dupre
44" x 14" Frame
Price: $299.99 
Sale: $149.99
Framed Master Rufus De Terrier
Master Rufus De Terrier
by Massy
16" x 18" Frame
Price: $184.99 
Sale: $92.49
Framed Waiting for Her
Waiting for Her
by Julian Lauren
27" x 22" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $274.99 
Sale: $137.49
Framed Harvest Dogs III
Harvest Dogs III
by Beth Grove
23" x 27" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $289.99 
Sale: $144.99
Framed Just Jack
Just Jack
by Angela Bond
18" x 18" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $193.99 
Sale: $96.99
Framed Jack
by Posters International Studio
25" x 25" Frame
+ More Sizes + Sets
Price: $282.99 
Sale: $141.49
Framed Dogs Cuddling
Dogs Cuddling
44" x 20" Frame
Price: $325.99 
Sale: $162.99
Framed It's All My Fault
It's All My Fault
by Rachael Hale
14" x 16" Frame
Price: $157.99 
Sale: $78.99
Framed Low Down Doggie Blues
Low Down Doggie Blues
by Rachael Hale
44" x 20" Frame
Price: $330.99 
Sale: $165.49
Framed Jack Be Nimble
Jack Be Nimble
by Kellee Beaudry
19" x 19" Frame
Price: $190.99 
Sale: $95.49
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13 Items

Framed Jack Russell Artwork

Commonly referred to as Jack Russell, this breed of small terrier used to be the first choice for those who went foxhunting centuries ago. Small in stature but tenacious and pretty strong , this breed is bursting with energy and likes to stay active. FramedArt.com feature the dogs as they chasing prey, playing with their owners or engaged in other seemingly exhausting activities, as the Framed Jack Russell Art highlight their unbridled enthusiasm.
A quick glance at the Framed Jack Russell Art will reveal the fact that Jack Russells are sharing many similarities to the modern Fox Terriers. Different kennel clubs have various requirements and those who breed them for dog shows, try to stay in accord with these changes. Easy to train and eager to please, these dogs featured in many films and TV series, which makes them easy to recognize even by those who are not necessarily experts in this niche.

Even though they were occasionally used for hunting foxes, they were not actually supposed to catch the prey, but rather to bolt the animal from its den. Jack Russells are great at digging tunnels and they are not only tenacious but also intelligent and know how to corner the foxes. Despite their small stature, these dogs are fearless and they have the tendency of becoming vocal when they don’t receive attention. Having said this, they have a great temperament and are sociable dogs, usually friendly towards children but they occasionally react when abused even unintentionally.
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Framed 'BW Dog 4 Piece Framed Art Print Set' border= 'BW Dog 4 Piece Framed Art Print Set' 
by Posters International Studio  
Price: $539.99
Sale: $269.99
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