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Framed Foxhound Art

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Framed Evening
by Edward Algernon Stuart Douglas
22" x 26" Frame
Price: $186.99 
Framed Morning
by Edward Algernon Stuart Douglas
22" x 26" Frame
Price: $186.99 
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2 Items

Framed Foxhound Prints

Just as the name suggests, the foxhounds used to be the dogs of choice when it came to foxhunting, thanks to their muscular legs and bodies. Athletic by nature and capable of running long distances, they can safely be included in the category of large dogs. FramedArt.com celebrates their sheer strength and lean body in Framed Foxhound Art, but also highlights their playful nature by depicting the dogs playing in the company of children.
There are a couple of differences between the English foxhounds and their American counterparts and they are easy to identify when comparing Framed Foxhound Art dedicated to both breeds. The narrow chest and long muzzle is common to both breeds and these dogs have brown or hazel eyes, while tending to shed a lot of hair. That’s why they require weekly brushing to address the issue of hair shedding, something to factor in by prospective owners who plan on keeping the mostly indoors.

While the defining physical characteristics are obvious when checking out the Framed Foxhound Art, owners should also learn a thing or two about their temperament. Since they used to spend a lot of time outdoors in the company of other dogs and hunting, foxhounds long for human companionship. Tolerant, gentle and extremely social, this breed of dogs will get along just fine with children, other dogs and cats. Obviously, they can’t resist the temptation of hunting foxes, so their instinct takes over when they happen to notice the red coated animals.
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