Converting Photos into Wall Art

Digital cameras and smartphones make it easy to take a great photograph. makes it a snap to turn those treasured memories into gorgeous wall art with our My Framed Photos service. It’s fast and fun to upload your photos and choose the optimal finishing options for your decor. When we receive your order the image will be expertly printed and finished to your exact specifications, then shipped directly to you.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Don’t Use Low-Resolution Files

It’s all about the pixels. You need at LEAST 100 pixels for every printed inch. So what does that mean? An iPhone 6, for example, produces photos that are approximately 3200 × 2400 pixels.  That’s enough resolution for a 32 inch by 24-inch print. If it’s blown up larger than that, the image will get blurry.

Don’t Scale It Up Too Large

The Picture Configurator makes it easy, by displaying proportional sizes after you upload your photo. Green checkmarks are good. Yellow caution triangles let you know that you’ve probably gone too large.

Don’t Start With a Screen Shot

Screenshots are low resolution. They do not meet the minimum requirement for printing. Avoid them at all costs.

Social Media Photographs are Low Resolution, too!

Most photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are low resolution and are not suitable for printing at large sizes. Instagram’s current image size is only 1080 x 1080 pixels.

Canvas is More Forgiving

Smooth paper shows everything. The texture of canvas can help to hide the lack of resolution to some degree. Nevertheless, you should never go below 100 pixels per printed inch.

Expect Color Shifts

Images on screen tend to be more vibrant than printed images. This is largely due to the difference between additive light (your computer monitor) and the printing process (reflective light).

You Must Own the Rights

If it’s not yours, you don’t own it. If you don’t have the permission of the image owner, don’t submit the image to be printed.

Wall Art is More Than Just a Poster

Custom wall art = a finished piece. It’s not simply a paper print. makes it easy to order custom-finished artwork with matting and framing that compliments the decor of any room. Try it today!