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Patrick Pryor is a painter who works from a place of spontaneous intelligence. He has several pieces of artwork to his name and has widely sold his artistic works to a number of individuals and companies. He generates bold statements that engage heart and mind by using gesture and color to explore abstract ideas of beauty, humor, and absurdity. He was strongly influenced by the graphic forms and bold colors and also by his childhood experiences. Because of the high demand for his creative pieces, several galleries stock ready to mount framed Patrick Pryor art while others avail them in a variety of other finishing options. Pryor is a former science educator and environmental engineer. He also draws from that experience by abstracting patterns and forms from the natural world. Pryor builds up many layers and periodically sanded the surface to keep it as smooth as possible. He also adds finely ground pumice to transparent layers and to the paint layers to create a deceptive surface that appears highly textured and waxy, but is very smooth. Pryor’s passion is painting unique colorful landscapes and seascapes. In doing such works he constrains his practice by allowing only horizontal marks to create the image. By doing this he forced himself to explore the possibilities in the horizontal mark and particularly pulls the paint across the smooth canvas surface with a plastic wedge. He’s interested in the process of discovery that painting allows. He also loves colors and makes good use of it to make his paintings look as real as possible.
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4 Items
Framed Dawnn
by Patrick Pryor
44" x 32"
Price: $324.99
Sale: $162.49
Framed Paradisio III
Paradisio III
by Patrick Pryor
18" x 18"
Price: $123.99
Sale: $61.99
Framed Amber Window
Amber Window
by Patrick Pryor
31" x 31"
Price: $254.99
Sale: $127.49
Framed On the Terrace
On the Terrace
by Patrick Pryor
30" x 30"
Price: $253.99
Sale: $126.99
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4 Items
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