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Eustache Le Sueur (born November 19, 1617) was a France painter who wan known for his religious pictures in the style of the French classical Baroque. He was one of the founders and first professors of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture. Le Sueur was admitted at an early age into the guild of master painters. He studied under Simon Vouet, a great painter of his time. Le Sueur was one of the finest artists in France and he hoped that every one of his artwork would stir a mood, convey a feeling, and transport the viewers to another world. His passion for painting made him to believe that every image had the potential to tell a story, and that every image had a message that it delivered to the viewer. Stylistically dominated by the art of Raphael, Vouet and Nicolas Poussin, he was always restrained in composition by a fastidious taste and had a graceful facility in drawing. In his time, Le Sueur learnt much from exhibiting artists, his colleagues and visitors. His view towards art evolved through his experiences. He painted many pictures for convents and churches, among the outstanding works being the Life of St. Bruno, and The Sermon of Saint Paul at Ephesus. His dramatic and vivid style was inspired by many renowned artists. His paintings are quite captivating and truly reflect the beauty of nature. Framed Eustache Le Sueur art are sold in print Galleries around the World with much acclaimed success. Le Sueur believed that his paintings reflected a balance of technical and emotion skill. He enjoyed many successful exhibitions both in solo and in group.
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Framed Muse No. I
Muse No. I
by Eustache Le Sueur
22" x 27"
Price: $175.99
Sale: $87.99
Framed Muse No. II
Muse No. II
by Eustache Le Sueur
22" x 27"
Price: $174.99
Sale: $87.49
Framed Muses No. IV
Muses No. IV
by Eustache Le Sueur
22" x 21"
Price: $156.99
Sale: $78.49
Framed Muses No. V
Muses No. V
by Eustache Le Sueur
22" x 22"
Price: $157.99
Sale: $78.99
Framed Muse Erato
Muse Erato
by Eustache Le Sueur
18" x 21"
Price: $140.99
Sale: $70.49
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5 Items
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