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Framed Sci-fi Art

Well before the advent of cinema and television, people have been fascinated by futuristic settings and they strived to push the boundaries of science. Television made the sci-fi genre popular and the Framed Sci-fi Posters up for sale at FramedArt.com follows its evolution and growth right from the start. Science fiction focuses on the supernatural elements, celebrates fantasy and also contemplates the possibility of using various scientific innovations to make giant leaps forward.
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2 Items
Framed Lets Have Fun Final
Lets Have Fun Final
by Robert Farkas
23" x 28"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $219.99
Sale: $109.99
Framed Smallville - style B
Smallville - style B
18" x 24"
Price: $157.99
Sale: $78.99
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2 Items

Framed Sci-fi Artwork

Unlike other genres, science fiction is all encompassing and has various themes and sub genres, all of them highlighted by Framed Sci-fi Posters. The author sof sci-fi books and those who develop movies for television, are speculating on possible future events, but their theories are having a solid scientific basis. Imagination and fantasy are core concepts for the fans of the genre, but they don’t stray too far from experiments and empiric practices, as they extensively use the scientific method.

Unlike fantasy TV series and movies, sci-fi ones are based on scripts that explore alternative futures and possible worlds in a rational way. Without being properly explained and scientifically proven, many of the imaginary elements are at least in theory possible. Many revolve around fringe concepts and theories that are yet to be proven although most of them were not dismantled for good with rock-solid arguments. Framed Sci-fi Posters highlight those movies that have kept the audience at the edge of their seats, using suspension of disbelief to some extent.
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Framed Eat Sleep Game Repeat  - Black
Eat Sleep Game Repeat - Black
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Framed Eat Sleep Game Repeat  - Black and Red
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Framed Draper 2
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