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Game of Thrones Framed Art

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Framed Lion Crest
Lion Crest
by Artpoptart
27" x 31" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $304.99 
Sale: $152.49
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Game of Thrones Framed Prints

One of the best ever fantasy drama television series ever created and broadcasted by HBO, Game of Thrones is inspired by the books written by George RR Martin. Adapted for television by David Benioff and D B Weiss, it is one of the most popular TV shows of the moment and the most anticipated one every year. FramedArt.com has assembled a comprehensive collection of Framed Game of Thrones Posters celebrating the key characters, as well as the mythical places depicted in the television series.
Game of Thrones was filmed in several locations scattered all around the world, ranging from Northern Ireland and Iceland, to Morocco, Spain and Croatia. The series was a huge success right from the start and at the end of the final season, the number of fans grew a lot, a trend that is still going strong. Framed Game of Thrones Posters follow the adventures of the characters inhabiting the fictional continents of Essos and Westeros, involved in a bitter civil war, while preparing for the merciless winter.

The battle for the Iron Throne and the plotting that comes with it were brilliantly developed by the author and adapted for television. As the central characters are fighting for power, they are also wary of the threat of the looming winter and the nightmares that it is expected to bring. Framed Game of Thrones Posters feature all the legendary characters that the fans of the TV series grew to love, but also the mythical creatures roaming the realm.
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