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Framed Friends Posters

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Framed Friends - Everything I Know
Friends - Everything I Know
32" x 44" Frame
Price: $419.99 
Sale: $209.99
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Framed Friends Art

Widely regarded as one of the best television sitcoms in history and an immensely entertaining comedy, Friends aired for 10 years on NBC. It all started in September 1994 and the 10 seasons developed a cult following, fans who can now find stunningly beautiful Framed Friends Posters at FramedArt.com. The story of the five friends living in Manhattan extracted an astonishing amount from an otherwise simple concepts and made the leading actors worldwide celebrities.
Marta Kauffman and David Crane were the ones who developed the sitcom and immediately after it was released, it became obvious that the series will be a huge hit. For exactly 1 decade, it was one of the most anticipated events of the week for the dedicated fans and the series finale set several records. Framed Friends Posters also focus on this episode, which was the most-watched one of the decade as it wrapped up a story that brought many smiles on the face of fans.

The series was nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards on 62 occasions and won several times, while the eighth season won the Outstanding Comedy Series award. The remarkable synergy between the five actors assuming the roles of central characters insured the popularity of the sitcom. Most Framed Friends Posters featuring these talented actors together going about their daily activities or involved in humorous conversations. The fans will also find art prints dedicated to individual characters, including posters featuring some of their finest quotes.
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