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Framed Cell Art

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Framed Skeletal System
Skeletal System
32" x 44"
Price: $329.99
Sale: $164.99
Framed Cell Biology
Cell Biology
25" x 31"
Price: $233.99
Sale: $116.99
Framed Cell Specialization
Cell Specialization
31" x 25"
Price: $233.99
Sale: $116.99
Framed Photosynthesis
31" x 25"
Price: $233.99
Sale: $116.99
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5 Items

Framed Cell Artwork

Teaching kids abstract notions is far more difficult than teaching them stuff that they can see and relate to. FramedArt.com aims to simplify the process with its collection of framed cell posters and these images are also great looking while serving an educated process. Although they are the smallest units of life, cells are also the most important ones and are commonly referred to as the building blocks of life. They have the capability of dividing into multiple cells, and the study that deals with them is cell biology.
Framed cell posters help kids put things into perspective and differentiate between the distinct parts of the cell, which can only be seen under a microscope. Inside the membrane, the cell has protoplasm, new plea aces and proteins, with each of them serving a specific purpose. The images make it easy to understand how they work, what roles they perform and also to differentiate between the cells that can be found in plants, animals and humans.

The discovery of the cell will be celebrated today, as this year marks exactly 350 years since Robert Hooke made the discovery in 1665. It was a breakthrough for modern biology and it dramatically impacted the way scientists looked at the living organisms. Cells have the uncanny ability of containing and transferring hereditary information, to the next generation, hence ensuring the perpetuity of species. The framed cell posters tackle all these issues in a manner that is easy to comprehend by kids of all ages.
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