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Bold Blooms V by Elizabeth St. Hilaire

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Bold Blooms Series

Bold Blooms 7 Framed Print
Sale: $101.99$203.99
Bold Blooms VI Framed Print
Sale: $101.99$203.99
Bold Blooms III Framed Print
Sale: $101.99$203.99

Printed and framed in our New Jersey framing studio, you can specify exactly how you want this Bold Blooms V framed art print to look. With hundreds of different frame and mat combinations available, your artwork can be built to match your favorite style or d├ęcor. By framing your favorite Elizabeth St. Hilaire art print, you can not only add a contemporary or traditional style but also protect it from external harm. Framed art prints offer you the ability to purchase high quality handcrafted wall decor at a budget-friendly price.
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