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Framed NBA Championship Posters

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Framed Kyrie Irving with the NBA Championship Trophy Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals
Kyrie Irving with the NBA Championship Trophy Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals
14" x 16"
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73 Items

Framed NBA Championship Art

Over the course of one year, there are hundreds of games played by the 30 teams that make the National Basketball Association the best basketball league in the world. All of them are important for the fans, yet they don’t come anywhere close to the NBA championship finals, which decide the name of the winners every year. FramedArt.com properly celebrate these games of extraordinary magnitude, with his collection of framed NBA championship posters, capturing the magic of the best teams.
Until 1986, the series went by the name of NBA World championship series, with the second word being dropped by the National Basketball Association. The best teams in the Eastern and Western Conference finals go head to head in seven games, with the winner to be decided after one team wins four games. History buffs, will find the framed NBA championship posters dedicated to the first match played in 1947 to be an essential piece of their collection.

For almost 2 decades, the NBA championship game was played in a different format from the current one. Teams play twice in front of their fans, then three matches on the road before returning for the final two games of the series. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of framed NBA championship posters focus on the players that played a decisive role for their teams. The faces of Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, King Duncan, Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James are a common sight in these prints.
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