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Framed Derek Jeter Posters

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Framed Baseball Greats - Derek Jeter
Baseball Greats - Derek Jeter
by Susan Ball
18" x 18" Frame
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Price: $163.39 
Framed Derek Jeter Quote
Derek Jeter Quote
by Susan Ball
19" x 22" Frame
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Price: $189.04 
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2 Items

Framed Derek Jeter Art

Of all legendary baseball players, Derek Jeter was the last to retire with his farewell game being played in September 2014. There are multiple framed Derek Jeter posters at FramedArt.com dedicated to that particular event, but many more featuring him throughout his career. He played exclusively for the New York Yankees in 20 straight seasons and is widely regarded as one of the most important players for the franchise. Over the course of two decades, he set several records, scoring high marks for base-running, hitting, fielding but also leadership.
The New York Yankees have plenty of celebrated athletes, yet Derek Jeter is still the all-time leader for the doubles, heats and games played. No other Yankee has surpassed his record for times on base, at bet and plate appearances, while 14 All-Star selections make him a candidate for the Hall of Fame. At the time of his retirement, Derek was the sixth all-time in career hits and by far the most successful shortstop in this category.

There are framed Derek Jeter posters featuring him in his first year for the Yankees, with the franchise drafting him in 1992. He made his debut in the Major League Baseball three years later and from the very beginning it was obvious that this player was here to stay. In the late 90s and the beginning of a new millennium, he won the All-Star game MVP’s twice and frequently outshined American League hitters.
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Framed 'Baseball Greats 3 Piece Framed Art Print Set' border= 'Baseball Greats 3 Piece Framed Art Print Set' 
by Susan Ball  
Price: $399.99
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