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Poster Hangers

Poster hangers are a unique way to hang your poster with a contemporary look and feel. Using only two bars on the top and bottom of your poster, you can quickly and easily hang your poster. Perfect for commercial uses, such as restaurant posters or promotional materials, poster hangers give your poster a contemporary, professional look and feel without the hassle of framing. Poster hangers are also great for signage, movie posters, vintage ads or music posters.

What's Included with Your Poster Hanger

Each posterhanger package includes everything your need to hang your poster. The following is included with your purchase of a poster hanger kit: four (4) black rubber end caps, two (2) aluminum bars for the top and bottom, plastic sliders and a nail to hang the bars and poster with. This complete poster hanger kit has everything you need to not only hang up your signage, poster or art but also gives you a contemporary look and feel at an affordable price.

Poster Hanger Kit

Assembly as EASY as 1-2-3!

Poster Hanger Step 1

Step 1

Apply Clip: Slip the included plastic clips onto the top and bottom edges of the print. These will in turn hold the print inside the Posterhanger.

Poster Hanger Step 2

Step 2

Slide onto Bars: Slide the aluminum bars onto the top and bottom of the print. The black rubber plugs go into each end of the bar.

Poster Hanger Step 3

Step 3

Hang Your Poster: Once both sides of the poster are in the bars, you can hang it up. The top bar has a hole in which the enclosed nail goes.

Hanging Signage

If you need to hang a sign for your business or restaurant, poster hangers offers a great professional looking solution. If you have promotional material you need to display for a tradeshow, a restaurant menu or even for a classroom, FramedArt.com offers you a quick, easy and affordable solution. Using only 1 nail to hang up a poster, these hangers are not only a lightweight alternative to framing but are also designed to be durable enough for commercial applications.

Available Poster Hangers

18 Inch Poster Hanger
18" Posterhanger
Best for posters 12"-18" wide
A1468 $27.95
18 Inch Poster Hanger
20" Posterhanger
Best for posters 18"-20" wide
A1460 $28.95
18 Inch Poster Hanger
22" Posterhanger
Best for posters 20"-22" wide
A1296 $29.95
18 Inch Poster Hanger
28" Posterhanger
Best for posters 24"-28" wide
A1461 $31.95
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