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Superman Framed Art

Arguably the most popular superhero ever created and the one featuring in most comic books, movies video games and films, Superman was created in 1933. Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel came up with the idea and the character made his appearance in action comics in 1938, being quickly embraced by newspaper strips, radio serials and TV programs. Plenty of actors have assumed the role in TV series and feature films, with FramedArt.com paying tribute to the most influential in superman framed posters.
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Framed Man of Steel - Zod
Man of Steel - Zod
30" x 42"
Price: $284.99
Sale: $142.49
Framed Smallville - style B
Smallville - style B
18" x 24"
Price: $157.99
Sale: $78.99
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2 Items

Framed Superman Art

Framed Superman artwork highlights the transformation of the superhero over the course of eight decades, with the emphasis being on the costumes he wore. These changed a lot in time, with the fans being divided between those who appreciate the classic approach and the ones who regard the recent upgrade as a breath of fresh air. Superman was so successful right from the start that it is only fair to say that he was the one that ensured the popularity of the superhero genre in comic books.

The story of Superman has been told and retold countless times, with new elements being added to the equation. Framed Superman Posters feature not only the caped hero, but also Clark Kent as he tries to conceal his identity, while helping make the world a better place. Artwork is also centered on the fictional American city of Metropolis, where Clark works as a journalist for the local newspaper Daily Planet.
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Framed Thinking of Him
Thinking of Him
by Roy Lichtenstein
29" x 29"
Price: $229.99
Sale: $114.99
Framed Drowning Girl
Drowning Girl
by Roy Lichtenstein
28" x 28"
Price: $282.99
Sale: $141.49
Framed Kiss V, 1964
Kiss V, 1964
by Roy Lichtenstein
14" x 14"
Price: $127.99
Sale: $63.99
Framed Masterpiece, 1962
Masterpiece, 1962
by Roy Lichtenstein
38" x 38"
Price: $414.99
Sale: $207.49
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