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Spiderman Framed Art

Spiderman is one of the best known superheroes featuring in Marvel Comics and also one of the most successful creations of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. His longevity can be explained by the fact that the character appeared not only in comic books, but also TV shows, feature films and video games. Those who appreciate the fictional character and are familiar with most of his adventures, will find great pleasure in decorating their homes with Framed Spiderman Posters provided by FramedArt.com.
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Framed Spiderman Art

The story behind Spiderman is relatively simple yet compelling, with the teenager being granted superhuman abilities after getting bitten by a spider. Framed Spiderman Posters usually depict Peter Parker wearing his costume, as the high school student is concealing his identity. By creating this character, Marvel Comic broke ground as previously teenagers served as merely sidekicks to the superhero, rather than stepping into the spotlight.

Unlike some of his counterparts, Spiderman doesn’t have a sidekick and he needs to learn the ropes all by himself. That’s why most Framed Spiderman Posters feature him alone as he performs acrobatic moves using his unique abilities. Tobey Maguire is the actor that brought to life the character on the big screen, with him starring in the first three movies before being finally replaced by Andrew Garfield. Spiderman was so popular with the broad audience, that it even featured in a Broadway show in 2010, with the musical going by the name of Spider-Man Turn off the Dark.
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