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Lord of the Rings Framed Art

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Framed Hobbit 3 - Azog
Hobbit 3 - Azog
30" x 42" Frame
Price: $386.99 
Sale: $193.49
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1 Item

Framed Lord of the Rings Art

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote the Lord of the Rings story in 1954 and over the decades, it was read all over the world, being one of the best-selling novels of all times. Its popularity surged to new highs in 2001 when Peter Jackson directed the movie and it kept growing over the decade as the trilogy was completed with two more sequels. FramedArt.com can provide the fans of both the high fantasy novel and the movie with Framed Lord of the Rings Posters featuring all the important characters that made it a blockbuster hit.
The complex story line and the convincing characters made the novel immensely popular many decades ago and not surprisingly, the plot was much appreciated by film-goers. Framed Lord of the Rings Posters focus not only on the positive characters but also the main antagonist, the dreaded Dark Lord Sauron who tries to retain his physical form and conquer the world. The Fellowship of the Ring was the one that brought the characters and the plot in the spotlight, with The Two Towers and the Return of the King taking the series to new highs.

One of the most ambitious film projects ever undertaken, it had a huge budget but the return on investment was even more spectacular. Accurate representations of various parts of the Middle Earth can be admired by the fans in Framed Lord of the Rings Posters. Frodo Baggins, his companions and other key characters, such as Aragorn, Gandalf or Gollum are also depicted in the art prints, alone or together.
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