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Iron Man Framed Art

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Framed Iron 1
Iron 1
by Anna Malkin
25" x 31"
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Price: $257.99
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1 Item

Framed Iron Man Art

Iron Man has recently celebrated half a century of existence, with the superhero making his first appearance in 1963. A central character in the collection of Marvel Comics superheroes, he was designed and created by Larry Leiber, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Don Heck. FramedArt.com celebrates the American billionaire, engineer and industrialist in a comprehensive collection of Framed Iron Man Posters, with some revealing his identity as Tony Stark.
The story behind this iconic character states that the billionaire suffers a debilitating chain injury that threatens his life. He survived by creating a powerful armor suit that he later augments, putting the full strength of Stark Industries behind his projects. This is how the central character of the Framed Iron Man Posters comes to be and in various comics the character appears wearing different armors. The foes he battles also change, with Iron Man defeating terrorists, mobsters and other superheroes.

Recently, Iron Man featured in the immensely popular Avengers series which also resulted in several TV productions. Many of the Framed Iron Man Posters feature Robert Downey Junior in this role, as he was the one to portray the character in all these movies. Since 2008, he featured in the original Iron Man, but also the Incredible Hulk and Captain America, in addition to the two Avengers movies. The character is not only immensely popular with the fans, but also celebrated by critics and it frequently ranks among the best comic book heroes.
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