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Framed Cleopatra Art

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Framed Claudette Colbert Cleopatra
Claudette Colbert Cleopatra
by Howie Green
23" x 23" Frame
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Price: $274.99 
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Framed Cleopatra Artwork

The last Pharaoh of ancient Egypt was actually a woman and her full name was Cleopatra VII Philopator, but more than 2000 years later, she is simply known as Cleopatra. Her fascinating story was told and retold countless times, while inspiring writers, poets and painters to create masterpieces. FramedArt.com can provide history buffs as well as art collectors with Framed Cleopatra Posters crafted by painters who lived hundreds of years ago, but also modern representations.
Cleopatra was not only a powerful ruler, but also a charismatic leader that tried to induce the idea that she was actually an Egyptian goddess reincarnated. The association with Julius Caesar further consolidated her position but following his death, she chose to join forces with Mark Antony. This eventually led to her downfall, as Antony lost the decisive battle at Actium and committed suicide, with Cleopatra doing the same shortly after. The scene is depicted in Framed Cleopatra Posters and is widely regarded as the one best remembered, due to its powerful symbolism.

Even today, the last Pharaoh of ancient Egypt exercises a special fascination with Westerners and it is a popular figure in culture. Framed Cleopatra Posters do a fine job at capturing the unmistakable charm and secretive nature of the Egyptian queen. The dramatizations of her narrative in television, cinema and literature led to masterpieces, such as George Bernard Shaw’s Caesar and Cleopatra or Shakespeare’s Antony and Cloepatra, but also dozens of feature films.
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