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Framed Phantom of the Opera Posters

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Framed Phantom Of The Opera
Phantom Of The Opera
by Dan Craig
17" x 20" Frame
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Price: $120.59 
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Framed Phantom of the Opera Art

The Phantom of the Opera is a movie based on a book by Gaston Leroux. It has two movie versions, made in 1925 and 2004, and was also presented as a theatre musical in 1986. The main story is located in Paris Opera House and is related to the “Opera Ghost”, a person that knows every play that was performed in that opera, and who is in love with a young singer from that opera house, Christine. That Opera Ghost is the actually the Phantom, and he is hiding under a mask, because of a deformity on his face. Framed Phantom of the Opera movie art is a great visual representation of this classic movie and musical that has its own charms hidden in the set.
During all events that are happening, the Phantom interferes with shows and rehearsal, trying to make an advantage for Christine by hurting others. The Phantom wants to be with Christine, but she is afraid of him and also loves another man. Christine runs away with the man she loves, Raul, and the Phantom is chasing them until Christine persuades him that he has to let them go. He understands them, goes away and disappears, but continues to love Christine although he knows that he could never be with her in the future. Even though the movie was nominated for multiple Academy Awards and it didn’t win any of them, that didn’t stop it from becoming a classic. If you love this great movie with singing, suspense and drama, then getting a framed Phantom of the Opera poster art print is the best decoration choice for your home.
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