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Framed Cabaret Posters

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5 Items
Framed Cabaret Liza Minnelli
Cabaret Liza Minnelli
18" x 24" Frame
Price: $194.99 
Sale: $97.49
Framed Life is a Cabaret
Life is a Cabaret
22" x 17" Frame
Price: $192.99 
Sale: $96.49
Framed Cabaret 8 Academy Awards
Cabaret 8 Academy Awards
18" x 24" Frame
Price: $194.99 
Sale: $97.49
Framed Cabaret Everybody Loves a Winner
Cabaret Everybody Loves a Winner
18" x 24" Frame
Price: $194.99 
Sale: $97.49
Framed Cabaret Legs
Cabaret Legs
18" x 24" Frame
Price: $194.99 
Sale: $97.49
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5 Items

Framed Cabaret Movie Posters

Cabaret is a famous musical movie from 1972, starring Liza Minnelli, Michael York and Joel Grey. The director of the movie, Bob Fosse, got an Academy Award for best director and Liza Minnelli got an award for the best leading role. The movie is set in Berlin during the time when the Nazi party was on the rise. There is a lot of passion and romance in the movie and a constant struggle that entertainment business carries with itself. In the movie, every important character sings a song to express its emotion. Also, as the movie is a great musical, it has timeless songs like “Money, money”, “Mein Herr” or “Cabaret”. Framed cabaret movie art prints are a great item to get for any person that loves a good musical movie.
As the movie was released, it had enormous success in the cinemas. The movie was nominated for ten Academy awards and it won eight of them. Also, it was marked as a movie of cultural importance in United States. The images of Cabaret movie are really the thing that any real musical movie lover will remember. Also, the famous verse “Money makes the world go round” may inspire people too see the materialistic approach of entertainment and motivate them to action while listening to this enchanting movie song. The movie was ranked in 63rd place in the category of best movies of all times, and it is kept in the Smithsonian Institution for future generations to see. If you love this great movie about singing and dancing, getting a framed Cabaret poster art is a great decoration choice for your living space.
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