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Framed Cabaret Art

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Framed Jane Avril (with border)
Jane Avril (with border)
by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
24" x 31"
Ships within 1-2 days
Price: $232.99
Sale: $116.49
Framed Cabaret Dancers
Cabaret Dancers
by Gordon Anthony
18" x 23"
Ships within 1-2 days
Price: $177.99
Sale: $88.99
Framed Colette
by Ruben Bore
44" x 32"
Ships within 1-2 days
Price: $373.99
Sale: $186.99
Framed Folies Bergere
Folies Bergere
by Jules Cheret
14" x 16"
Ships within 1-2 days
Price: $129.99
Sale: $64.99
Framed Jane Avril Dancing
Jane Avril Dancing
by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
20" x 30"
Ships within 1-2 days
Price: $204.99
Sale: $102.49
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5 Items

Framed Cabaret Artwork

Cabaret is a much unduly disliked performance act. The secrecy and the adult themes of this notorious performing art obviously make it a tense subject for some- but remove all that, and it becomes purely a show, meant to entertain. Due to its exotic nature many framed cabaret art have propped up between the paintings of many artists.

The framed cabaret posters of yonder years give us an idea about its infamous image. In France, especially, the Folies Bergeres and the Moulin Rouge were famous for their acts. Jules Cheret had done a spectacular job in advertising the workings of the place. His clean, colorful drawings probably attracted more customers than the rumors of the place. It is, also, in a way, a tribute to all the girls and women who worked tirelessly to earn a living, when normal women were not encouraged to work, or be paid for their jobs at all. Some of his famous pieces include “La Loie Fuller”, “Pantomimes Lumineuses” and “L'Arc en Ciel”.
Even contemporary artists couldn’t keep their hands off this amazingly fascinating subject. Various framed cabaret pictures, such as “Cabaret Dancers” by Gordon Anthony, “Colette” by Ruben Bore and” Cabaret Liza Minnelli “ show these dancers in posters and pictures. They leave out nothing of the vanity and glory of their prime.

Many framed cabaret signs are available as well, supplied by Framed Artworks. So whether you will be hanging it at a real cabaret bar, or as a signature “track-stopping” piece in your corridor, it will definitely be an item of conversation. There should be nothing to hide- a little play is in all of us!
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