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Framed Will Smith Posters

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Framed Fresh Prince
Fresh Prince
by ALI Chris
18" x 17" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $190.99 
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Framed Will Smith Art

Including Will Smith in a category is virtually impossible, as the gifted actor is also an accomplished songwriter, rapper and producer. In television he played the leading role in dozens of movies and covered a broad spectrum of characters, with the best ones appearing in Framed Will Smith Posters. Will has an illustrious career for a relatively young actor and FramedArt.com does a fine job at bringing back in the spotlight all his memorable performances.
Will Smith was nominated twice for Academy Awards and four Golden Globes, but didn’t win any trophy despite some great acting. On the bright side he is the proud recipient of four Grammy Awards and all those movies that resulted in honorable nominations are also celebrated in Framed Will Smith Posters. He had humble beginnings as an ambitious rapper in the 80s but got lucky after landing the road in the television series The Fresh Prince of Bel Air that made him known nationwide.

Six years later he was an accomplished actor and was chosen for movies that eventually became blockbusters and box office hits. The fans remember his performances and find great pleasure in hanging Framed Will Smith Posters on their walls, regardless of how lucrative the movies are. Producers on the other hand have great respect for Smith as most of his leading roles resulted in massive worldwide gross earnings and virtually ensured the success of those movies, regardless of genre and targeted audience.
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