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Framed Sean Connery Posters

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Framed Sean Connery
Sean Connery
15" x 17" Frame
Price: $178.99 
Sale: $89.49
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Framed Sean Connery Art

Widely regarded as one of the best Scottish actors of all time, Sean Connery has featured in more than 100 films and was the proud recipient of multiple awards. He also made the transition to movie production and proved to be very prolific, although he is best known for his performance on the big screen. All the celebrated movies and the iconic roles can be found in the collection of Framed Sean Connery Posters up for sale at FramedArt.com.
No other actor has starred in more James Bond movies than Sean Connery, with the Scotsman dedicating almost 2 decades to the franchise. Many of these movies were nominated for Academy Awards but Shawn won the Oscar in the category of best supporting actor for his part in the Untouchables. Regardless of what characters they prefer, genuine fans will strive to have Framed Sean Connery Posters dedicated to all these prominent films that were nominated for the coveted statue.

For his entire career, Sean Connery was knighted in 2000 by Queen Elizabeth, the same year he featured in Finding Forrester. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was the last movie in which he had the leading role, with Sean Connery announcing his retirement three years later. Even though the film was not received too well by the critics, it was much appreciated by his fans and there are several Framed Sean Connery Posters featuring him in that role. After retiring from acting, Connery focused on movie production and has released more than a dozen of films so far.
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