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Framed Reese Witherspoon Posters

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Framed Sweet Home Alabama
Sweet Home Alabama
18" x 24"
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Framed Reese Witherspoon Art

Reese Witherspoon came a long way from her role In the Man of the Moon in 1991 and established herself as one of the best actress in Hollywood. FramedArt.com does a fine job at keeping track of all her clients over the course of a career that is still going up , with a nice assortment of Framed Reese Witherspoon Posters. After her initial success, she made an appearance in Freeway in 1996 and then starred two years later in Pleasantville, but her first important role was Election in 2000.
Comedies suited her well and after being nominated for a Golden Globe in the category of best actress, she stepped into the spotlight with Legally Blonde. The movie was a box office success and over the next couple of years she landed a couple of prominent roles, mostly romantic comedies, such as Sweet Home Alabama. It comes as no surprise that many of the Framed Reese Witherspoon Posters feature her portraying such characters in amusing films that brought a smile on the face of those watching.

Walk the Line was the movie that brought her a couple of important awards, including the Oscars in 2005 as she portrayed June Carter Cash. Over the same decade, she starred in the sequel of Legally Blonde and then Monsters versus Aliens, while returning to more serious roles in 2011. Water for Elephants is one of her best movies and one that enjoys plenty of coverage in Framed Reese Witherspoon Posters, next to Gone Girl, a movie that she produced.
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