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Framed Nicole Kidman Posters

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Framed Eyes Wide Shut
Eyes Wide Shut
18" x 24"
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Framed Nicole Kidman Art

Nicole Kidman featured in a dozen of films in the 80s before making her big break with Dead Calm in 1989 and consolidating her reputation three years later with Far and Away. These were the first two important movies for the Australian actress, so the corresponding Framed Nicole Kidman Posters are a must have for dedicated fans. FramedArt.com has such artwork up for sale and also covers her entire career that includes several films that were nominated for Academy Awards.
Batman Forever was another key milestone that Nicole set in 1995 and six years later she won her second Golden Globe Award while also being nominated for the Oscars. Even though the trophy eluded her that year, she scooped it the very next year for a remarkable portraying of Virginia Woolf in the hours. She got fully immersed in the role and the makeup made it virtually impossible even for the most dedicated fans to recognize her. The Framed Nicole Kidman Posters serve as a silent testament of her uncanny ability to act and take on the most difficult roles.

Even though Nicole Kidman failed to win another Oscar since 2002, she was nominated for the honor once again in 2010 after starring in Rabbit Hole. She was also the one to produce that movie, which means a great deal given his success and there are also Framed Nicole Kidman Posters dedicated to it. In between, she charmed the audience with her roles in The Others, Cold Mountain and The Interpreter.
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