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Framed Marx Brothers Posters

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Framed Carnival of Legends
Carnival of Legends
by George Bungarda
44" x 32"
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Framed Marx Brothers Art

Back in the day, in the early years of television when silent movies were the only source of entertainment, the Marx Brothers rose to stardom. They were born in New York City and had humble beginnings as they had to struggle with poverty before making a name for themselves on Broadway.

Framed Marx Brothers Posters evoke their stellar career and FramedArt.com has art prints featuring them in their early roles, but also their best silent movies.
The Marx Brothers featured in a total of 13 films and no fewer than five of them are regarded as some of the best comedy films of all time. The family comedy act was immensely successful both on Broadway and in vaudeville, with Chico, Groucho and Harpo being at the cornerstone of their acts. The five brothers usually appear together in Framed Marx Brothers Posters, but their fans can set up an entire collection with artwork dedicated to individual actors.

The other two brothers only joined the group for a limited period of time and ultimately decided to pursue different careers. While they are best known for their comedy roles, the Marx Brothers also featured in straight roles, especially in their first feature films. The other three brothers made a smooth transition to feature films in the late 20s and early 30s, with some of the best ones being released in this decade. The group broke off in the late 50s and made a brief reunion in the 70s, one covered by Framed Marx Brothers Posters as well.
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