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Framed Ingrid Bergman Posters

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Framed Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
17" x 24"
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Framed Ingrid Bergman Art

Ingrid Bergman is one of the best Swedish actresses of all time and the proud recipient of some of the most important trophies awarded in the United States and abroad. Born in 1915, she played exclusively in films produced in Sweden until 1939 when she landed the first English-language role. FramedArt.com has set up a collection of Framed Ingrid Bergman Posters that include artwork featuring her in Intermezzo and other Hollywood successes.
Three years later, she landed the lead role in Casablanca as Ilsa Lund, a film that is widely regarded as on the best in cinema. Four years later, she played the role of Alisa Huberman in the film Notorious, produced by Alfred Hitchcock in which she opposed Cary Grant. Framed Ingrid Bergman Posters dedicated to both these movies can’t miss from any private collection revolving around the Swedish superstar, given the fact that these roles brought her Oscars, Emmy Awards and Golden Globes.

She was the recipient of all these trophies in the category of best actress, not to mention that she is frequently nominated as one of the greatest female stars of American cinema. Dedicated fans will go beyond Framed Ingrid Bergman Posters celebrating the movies that brought her the Academy Awards. For Whom the Bell Tolls and Gaslight were released in the wake of the success of Casablanca, and she also starred in the Joan of Arc independent production in the late 40s.
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