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Framed Humphrey Bogart Posters

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Framed Casablanca
by Silver screen
22" x 29"
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Framed Humphrey Bogart Art

Humphrey Bogart got the chance to act in both Broadway plays and feature films and was just as convincing in all these roles. There are a couple of Framed Humphrey Bogart Posters at FramedArt.com celebrating his debut, but even more are dedicated to his performances in the 40s.

The Big Sleep, the Maltese Falcon and Casablanca were the three movies that made him a superstar and ensured his success both within borders and worldwide.
Before starting his acting career, Humphrey had a brief stint with the U.S. Navy and tried various jobs, without being particularly successful. By comparison, he was much better at bringing characters to life in Broadway shows and there are even Framed Humphrey Bogart Posters celebrating his acting in the 20s. After his success as Duke Mantee in 1936 he featured in a few movies where he impersonated gangsters, before being presented with a chance to shine in High Sierra and the Maltese Falcon.

Casablanca remains his most important film and also the one that earned him an Academy Award, while he was nominated for three more Oscars in the best actor category. Even today, he’s frequently regarded as one of the greatest male stars in Hollywood movies, with only the best ones being celebrated in Framed Humphrey Bogart Posters. Overall, Bogart featured in a total of 75 films spanning over almost 3 decades and the last movie was shot in 1956 and it went by the name of The Harder They Fall.
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