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Framed Dean Martin Posters

One of the actors that made a major impact on Hollywood in the 20th century, Dean Martin was born in 1917 and was also an accomplished comedian, singer and film producer. Commonly referred to as the King of Cool he left a long-lasting impression in the hearts and minds of the fans.

He passed away in 1995 but keeps his memory alive through a comprehensive collection of Framed Dean Martin Posters dedicated to his most important achievements.
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2 Items
Framed Dean Martin
Dean Martin
by Tim Nyberg
19" x 22"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $165.99
Sale: $165.99
Framed Oceans 11 Cast
Oceans 11 Cast
18" x 24"
Price: $157.99
Sale: $157.99
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2 Items

Framed Dean Martin Art

Together with Jerry Lewis, he founded the comedy team called Martin and Lewis, while also being a member of the famous Rat Pack. The black-and-white Framed Dean Martin Posters feature him next to Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis Junior. In addition to acting in some of the best films of the 20th century, he also appeared in many television variety programs. He is best known for the Dean Martin show and the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast in the late 70s and 80s.

While his performance on stage and the big screen is fondly remembered by Framed Dean Martin Posters, many of his fans still enjoy his signature songs. In the late stages of his career, he focused mostly on recording songs, after starring alongside Burt Reynolds in the Cannonball Run comedy in 1981. He also reconciled with Lewis in the final years of his life, yet they only performed together a single time when Martin turned 72 years old.
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Framed Legal Action
Legal Action
by Chris Consani
38" x 26"
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Framed Frank Sinatra [Mugshot]
Frank Sinatra [Mugshot]
28" x 43"
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Framed Speedbound Red (Marilyn Monroe & James Dean)
Speedbound Red (Marilyn Monroe & James Dean)
by Paul Gassenheimer
25" x 31"
Price: $217.99
Sale: $217.99
Framed Dream, Live, Today - James Dean Quote
Dream, Live, Today - James Dean Quote
23" x 27"
Price: $213.99
Sale: $213.99
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