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Framed Bette Davis Posters

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Framed Bette Davis
Bette Davis
by Dean Russo
19" x 22" Frame
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Price: $217.99 
Sale: $108.99
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Framed Bette Davis Art

Actors and actresses go to great lengths to avoid being typecast, but others embrace this situation and make the most of these roles. Bette Davis is a shining example of actresses that had no problem in portraying any characters, regardless of how complex. Framed Bette Davis Posters featuring her in great movies and memorable roles are available at FramedArt.com, in crisp colors or black and white.
Bette Davis was capable of portraying convincing characters in a broad spectrum of movies, ranging from romantic dramas to comedies and thrillers. She honed her skills on the Broadway and made the transition to Hollywood in the 30s, with the first decade exceeding all expectations. Framed Bette Davis Posters highlight these achievements that propelled her to stardom and made her one of the most respected actresses. This popularity allowed her to confront producers and film directors when she wanted to change things on the set and quite often the latter had to give in and make the necessary adjustments.

Davis had some great ideas and didn’t hesitate to promote them aggressively, but her acting was flawless and awards kept coming her way. She won the Oscars in the category of best actress on two separate occasions and was nominated 10 times for the honor, which was at the time a record. The fact that she dedicated most of her life to movies took its toll, as she was married four times. At the end of the day, it was probably worth it as she is frequently cited as one of the best actresses.
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