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Framed Audrey Tautou Posters

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Framed Audrey 2
Audrey 2
by Dean Russo
23" x 27" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $297.99 
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Framed Audrey Tautou Art

One of the best French actresses of our time, Audrey Tautou started her career and an early age and featured in several TV series and films before she was 20. The first important role that also resulted in a prestigious trophy awarded to promising actresses was the one in Venus Beauty Institute released in 1999. The fans will have a hard time finding Framed Audrey Tautou Posters, but those who wouldn’t miss such an important piece from their collection, will find what they seek at FramedArt.com.
While being well known in France and in many European countries, she only became known worldwide after portraying Amelie in the movie with the same name. The film was both a box office hit and a major success with the critics and for the talented French actress it acted as a springboard to other important roles. The film won several European awards and was also nominated for five Oscars, with Audrey Tautou being the main reason for its stunning success.

Over the last decade, she had the lead role in the Da Vinci Code, Priceless and Dirty Pretty Things, with the characters she portrayed being celebrated in Framed Audrey Tautou Posters. She was nominated for the Cesar Award on three occasions, once for her contribution to the success of A Very Long Engagement drama. Given her stunning beauty, it comes as no surprise that she also worked as a model for several major companies, but more recently she chose to dedicate most of her time to support charities.
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