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Twilight Framed Art

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Framed Twilight - Edward, Broken Glass
Twilight - Edward, Broken Glass
32" x 44"
Ships within 1-2 days
Price: $328.99
Sale: $164.49
Framed Twilight 2: New Moon (Book Cover)
Twilight 2: New Moon (Book Cover)
26" x 28"
Ships within 1-2 days
Price: $216.99
Sale: $108.49
Framed Twilight - Group 2
Twilight - Group 2
44" x 32"
Ships within 1-2 days
Price: $328.99
Sale: $164.49
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3 Items

Framed Twilight Art

Back in the day, vampires used to be menacing creatures that posed a real threat to all living things, but that has changed over the last decade. Hollywood introduced a couple of movies that suggested a change of paradigm, with the Twilight Saga being a shining example. FramedArt.com has plenty of Framed Twilight Posters featuring the actors that star in several of these movies, which were immense hits among teenagers in general and women in particular.
Since its inception in 2008, the series generated more than $3 billion worldwide and it is on the most popular series of the decade. Framed Twilight Posters focus on Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lauter who starred in the movie and their adventures. It all began with the original twilight movie, followed by New Moon and Eclipse and the fan base grew at a steady pace. The series is inspired by a novel but it takes a steep departure from the original plot and Summit Entertainment changed the narrative even further after acquiring the rights from Paramount pictures.

Twilight has gained a cult following but the series is generally appreciated by youngsters, while older audiences frown upon it. The Framed Twilight Posters on the other hand are beautiful in their own right and serve certain aesthetic purposes and look great decorating the walls. Without being a classic vampire film, Twilight art prints are a must have for those who want to set up a comprehensive collection dedicated to this genre.
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