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Framed The Day the Earth Stood Still Posters

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Framed The Day the Earth Stood Still Art

Harry Bates’ short science fiction story named Farewell to the Master was the one that inspired Edmund North to write the script for The Day the Earth Stood Still movie. The original was produced in 1951, which explains why many of the Framed The Day the Earth Stood Still Posters at FramedArt.com are in black and white.

They only capture the intensity of the key scenes and the gifted actors that brought the characters to life, but the soundtrack composed by Bernard Herrmann is just as impressive.
The Day the Earth Stood Still has a compelling story revolving around a fictional character that goes by the name of Klaatu. The alien has an important message for the human race and this is the premise from which they action unfolds and there are plenty of twists that keep viewers at the edge of their seats. The success of the movie inspired Hollywood producers to come up with a sequel in 2008, featuring Keanu Reeves in the central role. The Framed The Day the Earth Stood Still Posters feature him in scenes that are similar to those of 1951, but also a plethora of new ones.

The attempts of the alien to change human behavior and his conclusions are no longer a surprise for the ones who saw the original. Nevertheless, the remake makes great use of available technologies to dazzle the eye and some of the scenes are simply breathtaking. Despite the fact that the critics were not impressed by the sequel, the fans appreciate the special effects and will surely cherish the mesmerizing Framed The Day the Earth Stood Still Posters.
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