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Framed Pearl Harbor Posters

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Framed Pearl Harbor Art

Over the course of time, many Hollywood movies were inspired by the Pearl Harbor events, but most of the Framed Pearl Harbor Posters available at FramedArt.com are dedicated to the 2001 production. Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay and Randall Wallace worked together on the blockbuster hit that featured Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, Josh Hartnett and Cuba Gooding Junior among others.
The dramatic retelling of the events occurring on December 7th focus not only on the realities of work, but also on the love story between the protagonist. The Framed Pearl Harbor Posters do it justice and also highlight the fact that the movie made good use of color negatives. The producers went to great lengths to impress the audience, while also trying to maintain the historical accuracy, something that they only partially succeeded. The soundtrack also scored high marks and it is regarded as one of the best of the decade, so it comes as no surprise that it won an Oscar for the best sound editing.

The movie was nominated for an additional three Academy Awards but didn’t win any and overall it had negative critical reviews. The fact that it was also nominated for no fewer than Six Golden Raspberry Awards is surely surprising for the fans. This doesn’t mean that the Framed Pearl Harbor Posters are any less impressive, especially with the movie being a box office hit earning more than $400 million worldwide. Up to this day, it is one of the most lucrative romantic drama movies of all time.
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